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We all need a helping hand at times! That is certainly true - especially with the Coronavirus (COVID-19) hitting our country, it is evident that it is impacting our lives. In view of this, Friends For Needs (FFN) Ltd has launched a “doorstep” service to those who are unable to leave their homes for shopping or collect their needed prescriptions. For those who need more help with their basic chores, FFN companions can give a helping hand.


Friends For Needs Ltd & FFN Mobile Services Ltd 

As the situation with COVID-19 becomes more widespread, it is becoming more apparent that this virus will impact our daily lives, whether that be at home or at work. We therefore wanted to update you on what FFN Mobile Services Ltd and Friend for Needs Ltd (FFN) - our Companionship Service, have done and are planning to do to ensure the safety of our Service-Users, Clients and Companions.

Care Homes: 

We know that for many care homes, our mobile dental service has been keenly anticipated, as there is an urgent need for residents to access good dental service. However, with COVID-19 pandemic it is vital that we protect the safety of your residents and minimise the risk of transmission to them by reducing our visits to your care home. We believe that the best way we can address this matter is to suspend our service and not run our mobile dental clinics until the situation improves.  

For all care homes that have already made enquiries about our mobile dental service we are in the process of writing to you. If you have a suggested date or a confirmed date for the dental clinic to run at your care home you will also receive a letter explaining that these clinics are now postponed. Once the situation with this virus has cleared up you will get a call and new dates will be arranged. 

We still welcome enquiries, so if you are a care home that would like more information please ring us. We will be happy to send you out our information pack and then we can discuss our different option plans in detail with you over the phone.

We will continue to monitor and heed the Governments advice and get back to you as soon as it is advisable to run our mobile dental clinic.

Service Users:

Our service users will always remain our foremost priority. Preventing the spread of this virus is, of course, everyone’s responsibility, and Friends ForNeeds do not take this matter lightly. You can rest assured that our companions have had information about protecting you and themselves even before COVID-19 hit Britain. There is now the need for reminders, such as good hand hygiene, and further information using all the Government advice and the World Health Organisation guidelines; And so, we have arranged for mandatory training to take place for all our companions as a matter of urgency. 

It is our paramount concern that your welfare and safety is maintained as COVID -19 continues to advance. 

If you have any concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us. 


Friends for Needs Ltd & FFN Mobile Services Ltd


Friends for Needs provide care and support in March, Peterborough and the surrounding areas.

Many people suffer with loneliness, Friends for Needs can offer that needed companionship that is so important. We provide home help and assistance with shopping or getting to appointments.


What makes them outstanding is punctuality, clear communication, a  passion for caring, compassion, enthusiasm, fun! and never letting you down". 

— AC

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