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Did you know 39% of Care Home managers are not aware of the NICE Guidelines? 

52% did not have any oral health plan for residents, and 47% of staff have never received any specific dental care training.


How can FFN’s mobile dental service assist you in meeting all the recommendations made by the CQC ‘s smiling matters report, published in June 2019?

Look at some of the benefits:


On Site Visits

Yes, our dentist and dental nurse will come to your Care Home. No more having to rearrange staffing schedules (with all the associated challenges and costs involved) to transport a resident to a dentist. 


Peace of Mind

For those residents that may suffer from additional anxiety when they are outside of their normal environment, on site visits are perfect.

Residents can be attended to in their familiar

surroundings by staff members that they recognise

and are comfortable with. 


Diagnostic Assessments

In line with the NICE Guidelines we can assess your resident’s oral health and their ongoing day-to-day dental hygiene needs when they initially enter the home. 


Regular 6 monthly Check-ups

This is essential to identify quickly any changes in 

residents’ oral health. The check will include an

assessment of the fit of their dentures, plus oral hygiene and cancer screening. 


Become the Care Home of Choice

By promoting and offering our on-site private dental care as part of your service you will set your home apart from others in the locality. 


Training in Oral Care

The CQC’s recommendations are that care home staff need better training in the day-to-day oral care of their residents. We can provide you with such training and give you access to good quality information about the oral health, preventative care and the dental needs of your residents.

For more information or to arrange for us to visit your home, please contact us and leave your details.

To read the CQC’s conclusion of the smiling matters report and the recommendations for action please click here >>

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